Finally I can have Partners again, now that P*yP*l doesn't want me anymore, I decided to go for a platform that doesn't marginalize uncensored content. It's Patreon, I know many of you don't know it and don't have an account, but it's too easy to be my partner...

*The images are in Spanish, but I didn't want to capture everything again... it's exactly the same, but the contents are in English!


Create a user with your nickname and email, you´ll have to verify your email and it will ask you to enter your country (this is to show you the value in your local currency). You don't need to fill the rest of the form.


Click on this link:


Choose ENGLISH Black Edition by clicking on the Join button, the value of this full year is US $22 (don't worry even if it says per month, we'll figure that out later).


Complete the payment by credit card or PayPal, the minimum amount is US $22, but if you want to go a little higher, you'll make me even happier!!! 😊


Done, it will show you the screen where you can access the Drive Access Gallery!


Now you can access the Gallery and choose what you want to see, there are a lot of chapters of uncensored manhwas, pornhwas, comics, 3D comics... Enjoy


Patreon will automatically send you an email with the access data to the Drive gallery (check your Spam), and in your Patreon profile you also have that information.


As I still can not make the payment Annual you need to stop sponsoring me to not be charged again the following month, to do this follow these steps ...

How do I cancel a subscription from a computer?


Hover over your profile avatar to open the user menu and click on the Manage Subscriptions option in the menu.


Click the Edit link next to the subscription you want to cancel. Scroll down and click the Edit or Cancel payment button just below the Update button.


Select the option to Edit or Cancel payment


Click on the Cancel your subscription button. That's it, you have annual access and you won't pay every month.

How do I cancel a subscription from my App (mobile)?


Open your Patreon App and log in to your account. Click on the Account icon in the menu below. Click on your profile name.


Click on the pencil icon next to the subscription you want to cancel. Scroll down and click on Edit or Cancel payment under the Update button. 


Select Cancel your subscription from the menu. Click on the Cancel your subscription button. Ok, you are still a member for the whole year 2022!

If you have any questions, write me: frankie@uncensoredmanga.com

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